Please find below the top 50 most asked Angular interview questions. These questions must help you in boosting your self-confidence before you appear in the interview. These questions are applicable for all versions of Angular from Angular 2 to Angular 7.

  1. What is Angular?
  2. How Angular is different from AngularJS?
  3. What is TypeScript?
  4. Explain lifecycle hooks of Angular?
  5. What are few building blocks of Angular?
  6. What is Component in Angular?
  7. What is Directive?
  8. What are different types of Directives?
  9. What is Service?
  10. What are Providers in Angular?
  11. In how many ways we can register providers in Angular?
  12. How does DI works in Angular?
  13. What is @Injectable decorator?
  14. What are Configuration Decorators?
  15. Name few decorators?
  16. What is Module in Angular?
  17. What is feature module in Angular?
  18. Use of Imports, Declarations, Providers in Angular Module?
  19. Use of forRoot()?
  20. How will you make the service singleton for lazy loaded modules?
  21. How does DI works in case of lazy loaded modules?
  22. Difference between Component & Directive?
  23. How does Angular App bootstraps itself?
  24. What is Main.ts file?
  25. How to bootstrap Angular App with a module other than App Module?
  26. What does bootstrap module does?
  27. What is BrowserModule in Angular?
  28. How index.html understands component selectors?
  29. How to share component between lazy loaded modules?
  30. How to pass OAuth token in Angular?
  31. How to prevent few requests to not go through the interceptor?
  32. How to centralized exception handling?
  33. How @ViewChild can improve performance?
  34. BehaviourSubject vs Observable?
  35. What is ErrorHandler class in Angular?
  36. JIT vs AOT?
  37. Angular vs React?
  38. What is Observable?
  39. Promise & Observable?
  40. What is RxJS?
  41. Name few RxJS operators?
  42. Explain these RxJS Operators - map(), catch(), filter(), flatMap() etc.
  43. What are Pipes?
  44. What is template variable in Angular?
  45. What are pipes?
  46. What are some inbuilt pipes & how do pass arguments in them?
  47. How to create a custom pipe?
  48. What are input & output properties?
  49. What is Change Detection?
  50. How can we improve performance of an Angular application?