This post will show you – how can you get a list of all node-modules installed globally & locally on your machine.

List all globally installed node modules

You can use below commands to get a list of all node modules installed globally on your machine.

npm list -g --depth 0


npm list -g

There are also few aliases of list and they are ls, la & ll. It means you can also write above commands in below ways also.

  1. npm ls -g --depth 0
  2. npm la -g --depth 0
  3. npm ll -g --depth 0

When you run commands using ll or la – It will show some extra information by default.

Important Note:
npm list -g --depth 0 command is faster than npm list -g. Reason being, npm list -g --depth 0 doesn’t care about further node-module dependencies & display result as a flat list. On the other hand, npm list -g command looks for further module dependencies & displays the result in a tree structure format.

List all locally installed node modules (inside a project)

All the commands will remain the same in this case except below two things:

  1. Just remove -g from above commands, as -g refers to global.
  2. And run above commands from your project’s root directory location.

That's all...Thanks...:)