What is NodeJS?

NodeJS is a server-side JavaScript programming language. You can think of it as C#. As C#'s code get executed on server, in the same way NodeJS's code is also executed on Node server. You can not write NodeJS (server-side JavaScript) that will execute on browser.

What is NPM?

NPM is a code library or you can say a repository for NodeJS. It contains thousands of packages which we can install and use in our Node application. If you are a .NET Developer, then you can think of it as Nuget Package Manager.

Usage of Node

  • You can create a Node server that will listen for the requests and provide response to them.
  • You can create a web application that will return HTML pages using Node.
  • You can build API in node that will use MongoDB or any NoSQL database as back-end.
  • Node is very much lightweight server which can handle many concurrent requests at a time.
  • You can build highly consumable application by using combination of NodeJS & NoSQL database.