Adding the bootstrap library in an Angular application is quite easy. Bootstrap Library consists of both CSS & JS files.

  • Bootstrap CSS files are used for design/UI purpose.
  • Bootstrap JavaScript files are used in some of its components such as Accordion, Tooltip, Modal Popup, Tabs, etc.

Now, let's understand - How can we add bootstrap library in the Angular application.

Step 1: Install Bootstrap

First, open angular CLI & hit below command.

npm install bootstrap --save
This will install bootstrap node module in your application inside node_modules folder.

Step 2: Adding Bootstrap Styles

There are two ways to add bootstrap CSS in the application.

Method 1: Open angular.json file & add bootstrap CSS file reference in styles array.

"styles": [

Method 2: Open styles.css file which is present in the src folder & add an import statement like below.

@import "~bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css";

Step 3: Adding Bootstrap JavaScript

Bootstrap JavaScript components depend upon two other JavaScript libraries - jQuery & popper.js. So first, we have to install these two dependencies from npm.

npm install jquery --save
npm install popper.js --save

After this, open angular.json file & update scripts section like below:

"scripts": [

Step 4: Accessing Bootstrap JavaScript Library in Angular

So far, we have added the bootstrap JavaScript library to the application. But we might need to call some methods of this library such as modal('show') to show the modal popup, tab('show') to activate a tab.

In order to access these methods of bootstrap library & get proper intellisense support in Visual Studio Code IDE, we should install types for jQuery & Bootstrap libraries.

npm install @types/jquery --save
npm install @types/bootstrap --save

tsconfig.json - Look into this file for types array and add jquery and bootstrap entries.

"types": [

That's all :)